Employees 1916-1920s?

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Employees 1916-1920s?

I know my grandmother, Dorothy (Dolly) Bannister and one of her sisters, Maud Bannister, who lived in Ealing, worked in the munitions factory in 1916 as I have a photo of them with two other women in their workclothes - probably a works photo.  I have sent this to John Street.

I am interested in how various members of my family met their spouses.  I know Maud met her future husband, Bert White, an apprentice tool maker, at Napiers.  How many others met at work?

Did Dolly meet Alfred Campbell (an engineer who trained/worked at Plenty's in Newbury until 1917) at Napiers?

Did Rosena (Rosina/Rose) Kirk meet Lionel Kitchingman?

Did George Bannister meet Winifred Merritt there?

Also, how did Napiers find its workforce?  Did they advertise nationally or target particular places of employment.  Dolly, Maud and Rose were all living in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and working in textile mills there in the 1911 census, so was there a push for more workers during WW1 in places beyond London?  Or perhaps they just moved to London in the hope of finding work?