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Archive from Thursday 14 June 2007

Author Alan Vessey
ISBN 0 7524 0766X

Few, if any, British engineering companies have a longer or more accomplished history than D. Napier & Son. In this book, containing over 200 rare photographs, can be found details of their notable engines powering motor vehicles, locomotives, boats and aircraft this century.
Founded in 1808 by David Napier, with his son James he formed D. Napier & Sons in 1848, famous in the last century for printing presses and coin minting, weighing and sorting machines. Early this century David’s brilliant grandson, Montague Napier, aided by competition driver S.F. Edge, developed the British motor carriage to its first great heights, winning the Gorden Bennett Trophy in 1903. Introducing the world’s first 6 cylinder car in 1904, Napier led the luxury car market until the First World War. Then supplying aero engines, in 1917 Napier designed and produced his masterpiece, the 12 cylinder Lion aero engine, which, in a variety of forms achieved world records on land, sea and in the air until 1947.
During the Second World War, the Sabre aero engine was developed up to 3,000 bhp, followed by the Nomad compound cycle diesel engine, as well as both the marine and rail traction Deltic engines. Napier then developed gas turbine aero engines with highly original helicopter applications, plus rocket motors and today’s famed Napier turbochargers.

Compiled by the Author with the Napier Power Heritage Trust, this fascincating book pays tribute to the extraordinary achievements of this innovative and renowned company.