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Graham, if this question is still unanswered, I know of several Squadrons that were based in France in June and then others arrived in July.  So I assume the problem evolved around the Forward Landing Grounds in June 44.  609 Sq (WR) only temporarily visited B2 Bazenville on June 14 and the Squadron moved there in July.  However, I have a book Hawker Typhoon - The Combat History, Richard Townsend-Bickers  who has enumerated the Squadron transfers of No2 TAF. 438, 439 and 440 RCAF Squadrons were at B9 Lantheul in June 44.  I am performing an Historical journey of 440 RCAF Sq and I have the ORB records.  It seems they did not land there until 28/29 June and the weather was atrocious and the airfield initially unserviceable so they landed at B7 Rucqueville, Martragny instead. So it would seem that once the 3rd British Army etc had control of the coastline, they started development of the AGL's.  So it may not have been until early July that they were really being used the Airfields as bases.  I am the de Facto Historian for our Typhoon project JP843 - Typhoon Legacy Co Ltd based in BC, Canada - Vancouver Island.
Of the two Air groups - 83 and 84, there were 18 Squadrons, which made up 7 Wings generally using an airfield each wing.  I can provide more detailed analysis for each wing but it may be easier for me to scan the pages and send to an email address.

Graeme Sutherland
New Zealand